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Fenix Presentation

FENIX Diesel

is the first multi-brand ECU for the new generation of diesel engines, born from the LINSYS's experience into the developement of ECU simulators for testing on testbench.

It can be used on Common Rail engines and/or on engines with Unit Pump System and/or Unit Injector System.

Finally you can change the destination of use of modern diesel engines for example from a truck to an industrial application.

Some technical informations

Battery voltage: automatic 12-24 Volts

Injectors: up to 8 type inductive: CR, UIS/PDE, UPS

PWM drivers: 2 (for regulators CP1, CP2, CP3)

Position sensors: 2 (pick-up, hall)

Analog inputs: 4 (press. rail, press. oil, temp. water, temp. oil)

Control: LOAD (pedal), SPEED (by PID), SPEED (by load)

Reference Load/Speed: PWM, digital (also from PC, see comunication)

Comunication: USB, CAN

Maps: (sensors, advance, injections, power-limit, ...)

Injections: unijet, multijet


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Sistemi Avviamento Motori

Impossibile far girare un motore diesel a controllo elettronico ?

Dal 2003 LINSYS sviluppa emulatori di centraline elettroniche per il test al banco dei motori.

Visita la sezione sistemi di avviamento motori , e se non trovi l'emulatore che cerchi contattaci noi sviluppiamo gli emulatori anche su specifica richiesta.